The Dreary Dreamy Weather

The Asterisk Writer
2 min readApr 19, 2021

Part I

The Asterisk Writer

Staying the same rain

I think you are so simple

So pure, so lovely

Pastel: (v.) A sketch or drawing of a soft color or hue

How pretty the pastel color is,

So soft and lovely.

It gives me some restraint.

However the dark colors are the ones that stick in my captivating little memory.

What emotion they convey.

What literary anomaly will describe something as lovely as a pastel if it is not a tragedy.

Brown Eyes

Her eyes were not chocolate or mud.

They were as if the moon were burgundy,

Or the warmth of the sun were captured in a dark marble.

It shone out light onto everything it could see.

Her eyes were vintage,

Like work walls of a library filled to the brim with old books.

They were soft, though ever rebellious.

Like they had everything and nothing to prove.

Displaying their emotion without borders.

Seeing right through all the ones you hide.

The Darkness

She comes out more often than I enjoy.

She enjoys laughing and twisting the arms of those who threaten her.

Her eyes are dark and filled with simple rage.

I wish she stayed simply on the page.

I wish she didn’t come out as much.

I could cut her off completely.

But I can’t live without her in me.